Fair Week

**6-2-16: I removed the photos because they showed where I lived**

Last week was fair week!  We almost always enter something or other in the fair and this year I entered 9 things.

All of the stuff together.


My quilt. Me, my sister, and my cousins all did a sewing class this year and we made this quilt (in different colors of course). Believe it or not, I actually got 2nd place!


I entered two photos. One of Carmen and one of a waterfall. 

Here are the pickled banna peppers I made. Logan, Jeff, and I share a garden, and Logan wanted to try to grow them. I thought it would be fun to try. So we bought half a dozen plants ( only three survived, the rest got tilled up by accident). soon we had pretty many and we decieded to pickle them. Yay! a blue ribbon!


I also did pickles.


And relish.


And last but not least, yellow pear tomatoes. We had about 1,000,000 so don’t worry, we still have plenty. Yay! a blue ribbon!


Hope you liked it!


2 thoughts on “Fair Week

  1. I do the fairs to! We do all kind of crafts and things, and enter almost all the fairs in the state! This year I made almost $1000 dollars! Definantly do more!


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