Amusing Animals

Here are a few funny pictures of our pets/animals around us.



Megan 486


Megan 481

DUKE (our Grammy’s dog)


Megan 58222

Maggie and Jinx


PicMonkey Collage43


Here are others you can caption yourself.  Just put it in a comment!




Megan 738





Megan 589

Hope you like it!





43 thoughts on “Amusing Animals

  1. Dear Megan,
    I think Sophie is saying, “Hey, look at me! I’m as pretty as these flowers. Don’t I fit in?”
    I think Jinx is saying, “Ah, this is life. I’m the king around here and if I’m a king can’t I do as I please. I’m going to take a nap so don’t bother me.
    From A and C Yoder


  2. So this is the old post!!!!! Cool! I love the ‘when you scratch a dog’s tummy vs. when you scratch a cat’s tummy!” XD XD XD SO FUNNY! You definitely put a smile on MY face!!!!!!!!


      1. No, but my sister and mom tried to make it once…I think…But I don’t remember it! Was it yummy???? Ya, I guess it does sound a little weird!!!


      2. Hehe! 😀 XD 🙂 Mom says if it snows again then we can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD My sister has a window like the one you were talking about, so we could get it from there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much snow do you have right now? If you see this soon!!!


      3. WOW! Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Too bad you can’t send some of that here! I want to have another snow so that We can make snow cream! Here is something that I just posted on girls writing for God’s glory (in the comments of Clara’s thing to write a story with/by/of):The young girl ran toward the barn, a thousand mile long smile spread on her face. She squeezed through the small opening and squealed with excitement. Then she ran forward, towards the gate before her and swung the door open wide. There in front of her, stood a Red and White border collie, with a Blue Ribbon tied loosely around it’s neck. The two beings ran toward each other and Bailey embraced her small pups, cuddling it close to her cheek. It licked her nose and put it’s paws on her chest. She giggled as it nosed her belly, sending a slight tickle into her. Then the little 4-now five, for it was her birthday- year old ran out of the barn, closely followed by the small dog. She spun around, her light brown hair swirling around her. Her mother and father stepped around the corner and walked toward her. She ran forward and embraced them in a group hug. Then her daddy handed her another box and she quickly unwrapped it, after shooting him a questioning look. Inside a collar and coiled up leash lay, colored Blue and brown, Bailey’s two favorite colors! She gave them another quick hug, then ran toward her pup with the collar and leash in her right hand. “I gonna call you…Haso!” (she couldn’t talk very clear, so what she meant to say was ‘Hasel’) She said, giving her pup another hug. “I wuv you, Haso!”


      4. something really weird is happening with the keybord! I’m going to type the word F-I-N-D Find…only all lowercase: find REALLY! That’s what it did! It turns the f into an i, and when I backspace the find it goes to WAIT…what does this-find- look like to you??? Anyway, when I backspace the ind, it has an f appear!!! It looks like an auto correct! It also does it with Flower: flower! See!?!?!?!?!?!?!? But not with freedom, or family, or food, or feed!!! and when I try to go like find and it turns the f into an i, when I go back to the spot and try to put ONE f, it makes it TWO fs!!!!! Isn’t that weird! (find, flower, family, freedom,freindly,freaky,flowing, floating!) Weird! Don’t you think? Do you know what it is for????


      5. I think you’re gonna LOVE my next post! It will be HILARIOUS! Just not like you’re thinking!!!!! XD All I can say about it is….”we made something outside and I took pics of it” XD 😀 😛 🙂 😉


      6. I just uploaded the pics! I’m not sure if I should post tonight…or tomorrow…I think I’ll wait till tomorrow- or monday, since tomorrow is Sunday!


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