A Hike in the Mountains 🌄

Last Friday we went hiking at Skyline drive with some friends from church.  We walked on the Dark Hollow Falls trail.  We had walked about 25 feet down the trail when some of the crew needed to go to the bathroom.  while they went down to the visitor center the rest of us (including me) played at a little creek.

Megan 122


It was so green that you could just point your camera up and get a beautiful picture.

Megan 145

We saw lots of plants like ferns,

Megan 142


Megan 146 Megan 139

VERY thick moss,

Megan 163


and, of course, lots of trees.

Megan 131

We also saw lots of creatures like millipeades, ants, fish, crawdad,

A snail,

Megan 188

 and two newts or salamanders.

Megan 255

When we reached our destination we had a big snack while enjoying the view of the waterfall.


We passed several mini waterfalls on the way there.

Megan 173Megan 155Megan 150

We ended the day by eating supper at our friends house and then roasting marshmallows.

So long!


If you want the story told by Allison go here.


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