A Small But Facinating Creature 🐌

Image A snail may seem gross and slimy but they aren’t really (well, I guess they’re slimy).  The past week we have been collecting snails, naming snails, decorating snails, learning about snails, and making snail homes.  First the collecting.  We found most of our snails under lily leaves by our deck. They are usually in shady and moist places.

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Some of the snail names are, Jenifer (mine), Angel (Carmen’s),  Sophie (Allison’s), and Scooter (Jeff’s). Here is a picture of some of the decorated snails.

We used glitter, fabric, stickers, polymer clay, paper, and lots of glue!

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Here are some thing to know about snails:

  • Snail eggs can be found under leaves and stuff on the ground. (I got this picture from Pinterest)

snail in its snail egg

  • They aren’t just females or just males, they are both but they still have to mate.


  •    If you find a snail with hard, white substance covering the opening of the shell this means that the snail does not have much water and is trying not to let any evaporate.

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  • When someone or something touches the snail’s eye stalks the black dot which is the eye will go in and then the stalk will go in.   Usually you can see the dot going in. (Sorry for the grainy picture.)

Dandelions and Daisies 019

  • If you put a snail on its side you can see that the spirals form a little tower. A baby snail’s shell will have only one spiral getting more sprails as it grows.

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  • The snails have little breathing holes which veeery slowly open wide and then get smaller.

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  • When you look closely at the snails “skin” it looks like it has little pebbles on it.

Megan 037 (1024x576)

Making a Snailery

First get a large glass jar. Next, get some dirt and moss and put that in the jar.  Get some Lettuce or slices of apples and put them in the jar. Put a small bowl of water in the jar and then the snails. You now have a snailery!  We actually used a butterfly habitat and that works well.



Jeff made a snail car for Carmen.


I found this information from  the Handbook of Nature Study


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