Spring Snow ❄



Whew! This year has certainly had a lot of snow! I think we have had about 8 snows in the last 3 months. We have gone ice skating, sledding, had snowball fights, and LOTS of hot coca! In between all the snow we have had 68 degree weather, daffodils, and sunshine. Today it snowed again. 😐 I am more than ready for spring. Why can’t it snow and then stay warm?! Oh well, I guess I’ll be wanting snow in the fall again. At least I got some good pictures! Here are some of them.




Logan, Jeff, and I made this big (dirty) snowball



RSCN2315 (2)





Jinx, looking forlornly out at the cold world.



And speaking of snow, here is a link were you can make online  snowflakes. I have made several here. Once you’re there you just click on create your own snowflake and then once you see a white triangle on it you left click and hold while making designs.

Here are pictures of the site. Click on the picture on the left.

Capture snpwdays


So long


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